Complete new look for an old company

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Olivia’s Choice
Lifestyle blogger looking for a new logo

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Live Cat Toys
Single-product company logo

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Whatever your industry or design needs, we have the experience and versatility to deliver a design you’ll love.

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Why Do Our Customers Really Pick Us?

Because, we don’t just deliver logos, we deliver peace of mind. We provide exceptional service by eliminating common headaches. We also do a few things that no other design company does. And, we do it all for free:

Lifetime Storage

Even if something happens to your computer or email account, your logo files will never be lost. We’ll re-send you your logo files, saving you from having to pay someone to recreate it.

Lifetime Revisions

If tomorrow, next month, or next year you need your logo changed, then we’ll make those revisions for you for free. We’re the only ones doing this.

Best Aftercare

Whatever needs or questions come up after the project is done (from your web developer, printer, office painters, etc.), we’ll work directly with them on your behalf. We’re the only ones doing this.