Client Case Study


logo + stationery + website

DMA is a family operated project management company that’s been undertaking residential and commercial development projects since the early nineties. But, while their reputation for good work kept growing over the years, their image got stuck in the last decade. They felt it was time to give their brand a complete overhaul, refreshing their image to be more appealing to potential clients.

A good logo builds trust in the brand, much like a good handshake builds trust in a person. Obviously there’s much more to it (like the quality of the offer, reputation, and the provided value just to name a few), but to get to a sale every part needs to be just right, from the image onward. This means that your logo should reflect who you are as a company, and connect with your target audience, building confidence in your brand.

To achieve this, two parts must work together – the imagery / symbolism in the design, and the overall design style. Often our clients only have a general idea for one or the other, and that’s OK – we’re got a few simple ways to figure out the design direction that will result in a winning logo. But, after years operating in the industry, DMA had identified their core strengths, who their target customers were, and had a strong understand of the kind of style that would appeal to them.

Your logo should make sense to you

Our client was going to be taking over the company in the near future from his father, but wanted the logo to reflect that it was his father’s hard work that made DMA into the successful business it is today. ‘Ma’ – their family name, means horse in Chinese, so he waned to see a horse in the design to reflect his father’s legacy. Then, to communicate the style for the horse he provided a great supporting visual:

I want you to incorporate a horse or just the head in the following style:

Also I’d like to see a logo variation that’s similar to the intel logo, or a swirl, or oval. For the colours use burgundy and grey….

In addition to the concepts with a horse, our client wanted to see a more abstract design which we were happy to deliver, because
1. our client is the boss, and
2. sometimes in the design process it’s just as important to eliminate ideas, as it is to see new ones.

Here are the three concepts we delivered:

Concept #1 is modelled on the provided example – it has a similar modern design feel, with clean lines, solid colors, bold fonts, and lots of space for the design to breath. Meanwhile, concept #2 is a more iconic design, in that is simplified to make it more versatile at various sizes. For example transferring the design to hardhats, or stitching it onto clothing, or using it in a small area on carbon invoice, all might be a bit more challenging with the first concept because of details around the nostrils or eyes.

The idea of including a horse was brilliant. Not only does it pay homage to his father, it simultaneously communicates the noble characteristics of speed and strength that are often associated with horses and associates them with their company. Hard work, and quick project turnarounds are part of the great reputation DMA has cultivated, so it made sense to communicate these attributes within the logo and later throughout their website.

Once we had the logo down, we were able to move on to stationery design, matching the colors and fonts for brand consistency.

We delivered 2 double-sided concepts, which you can see above (personal information has been blurred out). Later, when it came time to redo the DMA website, everything had a consistent style and worked together to communicate the attributes that make DMA a safe bet for potential customers.