Client Case Study

Olivia’s Choice

logo + social media

Olivia inspires people to live a healthier lifestyle, promoting a vegan diet and exercise through her personal blog. Thousands of monthly readers made the choice to pay closer attention to their health and diets, and her readership continues to grow. As the personal blog morphed into a business, it made sense to get a logo that better connected with her audience.

Her audience share her views and respect her advice, so it was important for us to understand the kind of image Olivia wanted to portray. Knowing this allowed us to present her with some options that would resonate well with her readers – something that they would be able to relate to, because it would stay congruent to her brand.

No one knows your company better than you

Who are your target customers and how do you satisfy them? Who are the other players in your space, and how are you different? This understanding, which only you have, is what will make you accept or reject a design we propose.

People will assume things about you based on your logo

Your prospective customers will in turn look at your logo and make some conclusions about the entity it represents. They may make assumptions about the size of your company, or your attitude towards them as customers, or your level of service, or dozens of other things.

All this is influenced by the imagery / symbolism in the logo, and its overall style. So, when we design we like to know your preferences for both.

Most people have at least a minimal idea of what they want for the logo, and we developed a simple way of understanding their needs even better, which allows us to deliver designs that leave our client really happy.

To show you what we mean, here’s the direction Olivia provided:

It should give that happy, healthy, beach look feeling. I will post a lot of fruit pictures and really like watermelons, figs, blueberries, pineapple, so I thought it might be nice to include that somehow in the logo. Basically you should see the Logo and immediately think of a vibrant, healthy and positive website.

The writing should be modern, clean and timeless.

Colors: Green- turquoise, blue-torquise. Some texture in general could be nice.

I am running a blog on wordpress and am not sure which format I need. Maybe you can help me with that.

Thanks so much!! I hope my ideas make sense:-)

The overall direction made sense. We had a general idea of the feeling the Olivia’s Choice logo had to convey, and we knew exactly what kind of symbolism our client wanted to see in her logo, but what we didn’t really know was the style. Concepts like modern, or beach-look, or clean mean very different things to different people. That’s normal, and we have a simple way of figuring this out – we asked for examples of logos Olivia liked.

A few well chosen examples really help

Earlier we mentioned that our clients will select or reject a design based on the knowledge of their business that only they possess. So, seeing other logos they select based on this knowledge is crucial to clearing up ambiguity in the design direction.

The examples Olivia provided reflected her ideas of what would be appropriate or inappropriate for her brand, and looking at them we were easily able to extrapolate certain patterns in terms of typography, general layout, overall style and much, much more to deliver these designs:

All three designs depict the requested fruits and colors. The fruit are not only personally relevant to Olivia, they also effectively communicate the healthy philosophy of her brand.

Concept #1 is en emblem style, where the graphic component (the watermelon slice) encompasses the text. The roots reaching out at the top communicate the idea of growth and can also subtly suggest the connection that her readers share (because they seem to be reaching towards each other). That, and the shape of the wedge, which looks so much like a smile acts to communicate a positive feeling without being obvious.

Concepts #2 and 3 are wordmarks that use the fruit in different ways. In #2 the watermelon is again a subtle smile, but by placing it under the word “choice” we effectively underline it, stressing the idea of empowerment and positivity. Meanwhile, #3 echoes the “choice” in the name with the checkmark over “i”. While designing this concept we realized that combining the “i” with the checkmark in this way also visually says “I made this choice” – to live a healthy lifestyle. This was unintentional, but rather something we only saw when we started the design.

Olivia loved the font from version 2, and the overall design in concepts #2 and 3. As for the colors, we agreed that her original request didn’t really communicate vibrancy, so we introduced a little splash of other colors that would. Here’s the revision process, leading to the winning design at the bottom.

Shortly after we designed the logo, Olivia came back to us, asking us to design a social media cover (for use on sites like facebook, twitter, gooogle+, etc). We hard card-blanche on the design, with the only request to include an image with a pineapple, as that was the theme for a collection of recipes she was sharing.

You can check out that design below: